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If you are unaware of what Dynamic coaching  is and what it has to offer to its players and coaches, here are a couple of facts:

  • Dynamic coaching was established this year with one clear mission"to help and assist an understanding of how to aid grassroots player development
  • Our coaching cirriculum is used by many clubs and schools  as munsters  No 1 soccer coaching method  that will be delivered to both boys and girls and will aid in the development of tomorrows stars  today.
  • All of our programs are delivered by approved Dymanic coaching  staff who have access to ongoing training and the upto date dynamic  curriculum.
  • All  programs comply to the correct garda vetting child safety, insurance and public liability requirements.

Our performance Academy also has a lot to offer to every type of player:

  • We offer players (4-6 years old) the best start in soccer with our Foundation Skills program, teaching them the fundamental skills and movements required to play the game. We develop players' confidence and social skills but most importantly, we do this in a fun enviroment.
  • For players aged 7-12 we introduce them to our technical   development ladder that consists of Development, Advanced and Elite programs. Our aim is to develop confident and creative players whilst teaching essential social skills such as good sportsmanship and respect towards others in addition to a good attitude at training and match day.

For players aged 13 and over we introduce them to our dynamic pro programme which includes the following

  1. Intro to the 11 v 11 game.
  2. The pass programme which works on the players power acceleration speed and stamia.   
  3. Nutrition we bring in a guest coach to speak with the players about the best way to help their body recover and to help optimise performance on the pitch.   4.goalkeeper coaching we bring in a guest coach to work with our keepers twice a month.

Finally each player will have a full personal critic as to how they perform and this is updated every 3 months.this will let both you the parents and us the coaches know where and how each player can improve technically tactically physically and mentally


Meet the Coaches...

soccer coaching munsterMeet the qualified and professional coaches at Dynamic Coaching. Our coaches provide Munsters leading soccer coaching camps for children of all ages...

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Our Committment

At Dynamic Coaching we provide the skillsets and modern coaching techniques in a relaxed and fun environment. Our camps are hugely popular and kids are often booked in to further camps before even completing their current programme...

Darran O'Shea - Director

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