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David Mullally - Limerick

"The skills, banter and enthusiasm both of my sons have learned from Darran and his coaching methods have contributed greatly to their game. Dynamic Coaching has improved their foot skills, game speed and one touch passing making them better Soccer players at a competitive level. This combined with Darrans holistic outlook to nutrition training and recovery helps to bring out the best in the boys.

Darran does a wonderful job training players at all ages and skill levels. Best of all, He makes soccer fun! ,even when working the boys hard on the practice pitch. My only regret is not signing them up for the training earlier."

David Roche - Castletroy

"Our son started training with Dynamic Coaching this summer and he has loved every single session, improved his game and made new friends! As parents, we are always looking for camps, sports of things to do to keep them occupied and developed their skills and social lessons. Your passionate delivery of coaching is fantastic and its evident the kids listen and respond well to your style. hanks and keep up the great work!."

John Fitzgerald - AK Utd

"John started with Darran @ Dynamic Coaching a couple of years ago as a very enthusiastic 5 year old.  He had a few challenges in terms of mobility & balance at the beginning.  Always encouraged very positively, indeed given the one on one’s when needed he really has progressed and overcome those challenges which are now largely behind him @ age 8.  John’s love for the sport and everything football has been really enhanced by attending.  One of the key differences to attending Dynamic Coaching is the kids are organized from day one and ‘listen & learn’ – and enjoy playing football instead of chasing each other and a ball aimlessly around a field."


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soccer coaching munsterMeet the qualified and professional coaches at Dynamic Coaching. Our coaches provide Munsters leading soccer coaching camps for children of all ages...

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At Dynamic Coaching we provide the skillsets and modern coaching techniques in a relaxed and fun environment. Our camps are hugely popular and kids are often booked in to further camps before even completing their current programme...

Darran O'Shea - Director

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